Welcome to the Woodford County Quilt Trail

The Woodford County Quilt Trail (WCQT) is recognized by the Kentucky Arts Council and is an official Kentucky Quilt Trail.  Please visit the Kentucky Quilt Trail website at http://artscouncil.ky.gov/KentuckyArt/QTrails.htm.  Here you may learn more about how Kentucky, along with a growing number of states, is working to preserve our history and heritage and celebrate a timeless tradition.  Currently, there are 30 states, two Canadian Provinces, and over 60 counties in Kentucky with quilt trails.

Traditionally, you may find quilt squares hanging on barns.  Today, they have grown so much in popularity, that businesses, homeowners, and public areas are exhibiting these colorful quilts.



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  1. debbie.tichenor says:

    DeeDee, hope all is well. Just want you to know that I have not forgot you……. We are extremely busy with the trail, which is a good thing! I will be in touch!

  2. Ranah Sample says:

    How do you get your state or county registered as a quilt trail? South Dakota has none and I have been working with two counties and we have many barn quilts up and would like to get registered as a quilt trail. Any guidance you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

    My friend just visited your area and brought me back your brochure. Would love to see these barn quilts some day!

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